Hate Needles? Check Out Video of MIT’s Needle-less Technology

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For all those out there that have a phobia of needles, check out this video of MIT’s new, needle-less injection technology.

NewsyScience posted this video on MIT’s needle-less system.

Apparently, this new technology uses a high pressure jet to deliver medicine through the skin at nearly the speed of sound. And it is supposed to beĀ painless. The “pressure jet” can be adjusted to account for differences in skin and, I believe, the depth of injection.

I haven’t heard much information on exactly what types of medicines are compatible with this system and what the maximum volume per injection might be. But the technology looks promising as another option for those with needle phobias.

Once this technology is approved for use, it has the ability to give new options for the delivery of medicines and vaccinations. Its impact may be profound.

Will it mean that you no longer need an IV when undergoing surgery and anesthesia? Unfortunately, I don’t see it impacting this area of care. Your IV delivers not only medicines, but also gives anesthesiologists the ability to deliver fluids and any other “blood products” that may be necessary during the course of surgery.

What do you think of this new technology and its potential impact on health care? Tell us in the comment section below.

And for more information on IV’s, needles, and their need during anesthesia, be sure to check out our post on this topic.

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