My Biggest Fear as a Parent and a Way to Make a Difference: the #EatSAFE Project

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Few things have been as rewarding and fulfilling as fatherhood.

Something magical happens when our little ones look at us with big, warm, innocent eyes. How can you not melt when your little girl rests her head on your shoulder and looks at you with those eyes!


Daddy's Girl

Daddy’s Girl


And one of my biggest fears for this little angel is choking.

As an anesthesiologist, I have experienced the “doctor side” of how scary it is to have a little child come in with something stuck in their airway and the need for emergent surgery.

As a parent, one of my biggest fears is that she’ll choke on something; a piece of food she can’t handle or some small object she gets her hands on and puts in her mouth.

Then recently, I came across the #EatSAFE campaign.

In short, this is a campaign headed by Dr. Nina Shapiro of UCLA to create educational resources about food choking hazards for children under the age of 5.

(You know it has to be a good cause when a Trojan donates to a UCLA campaign. 🙂 )

This is a real (and preventable) hazard for children in this age group. According to their website, more than 10,000 children are taken to the Emergency Room each year for food choking events. One child dies every 5 days from choking on food. Super scary!

Choking is the 4th leading cause of unintentional death in children under five years of age.

So let’s all get informed on what foods are safe, and NOT safe, for our kids. And consider making a donation to this worthy cause.







What General Anesthesia Side Effect have you experienced, if any?

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