Where Does An Epidural Go?: See This Quick 3D Video

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Check out this cool 3D video from Bupa health that shows you how and where an epidural catheter is placed. Pay special attention to the cool British accent. 🙂

See if you can spot any potential “problems” with their animation. I’ll talk about them after the jump.

Did you get a chance to view this cool animation by Bupa Health?

Overall, this was a fantastic video to get a better understanding of what is involved in the placement of a labor epidural. Thanks to Bupa Health for providing this service.

I have only a few, small critiques of the animation.

First of all, when an epidural is placed in the sitting position the pregnant patient will not be asked to bend over that far. Rather, the shoulders are relaxed and positioned forward. Then the lower back is pushed out (the anesthesiologist may ask you to push out where you feel the pressure of his/her hands at your lower back).

Secondly, when a labor epidural is placed (at least in the United States), the patient has an IV catheter in place as well as vital signs monitors (blood pressure cuff, EKG leads, pulse oximetry). Understandably, this would have made the animation more cluttered.

What did you think of the video? Leave your comments below.

And for more information on the subject, check out this guide on labor epidurals.


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